Low-fat ryazhenka 1.5 - 2.5%

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   The ryazhenka is a fermented milk product prepared on the basis of baked milk, which is  fermented with the thermophilic lactic acid streptococci. Since the ryazhenka is made from the baked milk usually stewed for considerable time, it has a yellowish-brown and creamy shade and classical sour-milk taste. The ryazhenka is free of any artificial coloring agents or stabilizers, it is a fully natural fermented milk product.

Low-fat ryazhenka, 1.5 — 2.5%, 250 g

GOST R 52094-2003 
Content: whole milk, skimmed milk, based on use of the bacteriological concentrate of thermophilic lactic-acid streptococci. 
Lactic-acid microorganism count: at least 1.0 х 107 CFU/g. 
Nutrition value of 100 g of the product: fat – 2.5; protein – 2.8; carbohydrates – 4.2. 
Energy value (caloric content) of 100 g of the product: 51 kcal. 
Storage conditions: to be kept at the temperature of (4±2)°С. 
Best before end of 21 days 
Net weight: 250 g. 
Gross weight: 450 g. 
Whey separation of 3% maximum of one size of the product is admissible. 



To your knowledge

    The genuine ryazhenka is homogeneous. As distinct from the kefir, the ryazhenka should be free of curds or gasiness and have the delicate and delectable flavor.  However, milk skins are admissible.  Content of nutrients in the ryazhenka is actually similar to that in the milk, but the former are better digested.   

   It is assumed that ryazhenka is also distinguished by the therapeutic qualities: one glass of the ryazhenka contains a quarter of the daily body demand in calcium and 20 per cent of the daily intake of phosphorus. Protein of the ryazhenka is digested easier than that of the milk. Lactic acid gives an  appetite, improves functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys.   The ryazhenka  facilitates the function recovery of stomach, intestines, pancreas, it is also used for gastritis treatment. It contains a complex of the biologically active substances (ferments, free amino acids, antibiotic substances) accumulating as a result of the lactic acid bacterium activity.  The ryazhenka is beneficial to health of those who suffer from the inflammatory diseases of liver, pancreas, gallbladder, intestines.

    The ryazhenka is also used for cosmetic purposes. For example, to make the skin softer, a liter of the ryazhenka is to be added to the bath water. The skin will look gorgeous after taking such bath for 15 minutes only. If this treatment is repeated regularly within a month, you will admire a  long-lasting effect. Whenever you use this product, bear in mind that the fresher is the ryazhenka the more healthful it is because particularly fresh ryazhenka contains maximum of those beneficial live lactic acid bacteria.

More details about the incubation method

   The classical MODERATE incubation (fermentation temperature of 20…43°С) method of production allows retaining all useful qualities of the products.   With the incubation method the mixture is preliminarily filled into the individual jars where the product fermentation, maturing and cooling take place.
Special conditions and requirements:
• always fresh selected milk
• to preserve all live and health benefits, the additional thermal treatment is never used
• exclusive sanitary-hygienic requirements
   The temperature conditions of processing save the abundant microflora of the products.